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Exchange, connect, feel understood.

These are just some of the many benefits group settings offer. 

"It is here in the community where persons can really become clear about themselves and no longer see themselves as the dwarfs of their fears, but as a human being and as part of the whole"

(after Richard Beauvais)



Have you recently become a mom? Congratulations! Surely you are now facing some new challenges, may be unsure about how to find good solutions, and sometimes feel stressed or lacking energy. Our course provides the space for your questions, worries and fears. Share your thoughts and feelings, exchange ideas - you will find out: you are not alone! In addition, each week we focus on a topic that we deal with together in a workshop format. Here, you will learn practical techniques that can help you e.g. to relax, accept the many changes or even in conflict situations with your partner. Of course, the techniques are adapted to the limited time frames of mothers.


When:                      weekly on Wednesdays (6 weeks, from 11.01.23 onwards)
                                10:00-11:30 (morning course) 
                                18:30-20:00 (evening course)

Venue:                     Clemensstraße 8, Koblenz (Praxis für Psychotherapie                                             & Coaching - Sarah Meertens)

Cost:                       120€ (for 6 units)

Preconditions:        You've become a mum within the past 18 months

Course Content:

  • effectively reducing stress & mental load

  • time for myself - find it, take it! 

  • overcome fears and pondering

  • accept changes

  • get to know your own ressources and learn how to use them effectively 

  • resolve conflicts with yourself and others

5 spots remaining

5 spots remaining

Entspannt Mama kurs sarah meertens koblenz


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