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In my practice for psychotherapy (according to the Heilpraktikergesetz) & coaching, qualitative therapy and coaching are paramount. I want you to always feel comfortable and in the best of hands with me. It is my belief that a trusting relationship roots in mutual understanding. Therefore, you find all my services in both, German and English language.

Incidentally, as a “Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie” (non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy), I am regularly undergoing further training to keep my knowledge up to date. Moreover, everything that we discuss in our joint meetings is subject to confidentiality.

Since I am not a statutory health insurance-certified psychotherapist, I am not tied to a single therapy method, and can therefore tailor my therapeutic approach to your individual needs.

Of course, I cannot make any healing promises - every person is different and reacts individually to therapeutic and coaching offers.

lösungsorientierte Kurzzeittherapie sarah meertens koblenz
Gesprächstherapie sarah meertens koblenz


“Problem talk creates problems. Solution talk creates solutions.”

Steve de Shazer

You cannot get over a certain experience? Or maybe you feel trapped and are unable to find a way out of your (apparent) dilemma? The solution-focused approach turns away from focusing on the problem’s cause. Instead, it seeks to find out what works well already despite all the difficulties. Together, we will uncover your personal resources and thus find your individual step by step solution to the issue at hand. This approach usually results in earlier progress than other therapeutic approaches.


“It's not enough to have feelings. You also have to be able to express them.”

Daniel Goeudevert

Client-centered therapy brings unconscious or unloved feelings into consciousness and gives them space. You can laugh or cry; anger, fear, sadness, joy - all these emotions have an important function in and for our lives. This method is exceptionally well-suited to combine it with physical exercises or creative techniques. So, if you face difficulties in describing a feeling or problem with words, we let your body speak or visualize on paper - just as it suits you best.

coaching sarah meertens koblenz
Achtsamkeitstraining sarah meertens koblenz


“Even a heavy door only needs a small key.”

Charles Dickens

Left or right, child or (or and) career - and where do I want to go in the long term? How can I be happier with my life again? Together, we can work on these and similar questions as part of a coaching. Through stimulating questions, a change of perspective and, for example, working with your inner parts, I will accompany you on the exciting search for your personal answer.


“You cannot stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Stress, stress, stress... And what is your everyday life like? How do you deal with stress? Of course, not everything that stresses us is directly negative. Above all, our attitude towards stress is central. In a mindfulness-based stress reduction training, you get to know methods that will help you to better deal with stress situations and thus strengthen your resilience - the ideal prevention against stress and burnout.



The initial session serves for the both of us to get to know each other. It is important to me to find a good common basis for our cooperation. In the initial meeting, we go into detail about your issue, work out a detailed anamnesis together and clarify what you specifically want to achieve. From there on, I can develop a treatment plan tailored to you and your needs and adapt my methodology accordingly.

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